Product management / marketing functions

A representation of the product management / marketing functions.

Credit is due to Pragmatic Marketing


fCh said...

I find it useful to post this due to the many instances where product management and product marketing people are in conflict. The latter usually have the budgets and tend to concentrate on the right side of brain type of activities. In places where they build large systems, it is good to temper the the "excitement" of the product marketing/marcom folks by reminding them that if advertising or color choices sold, let us say, servers then Julia Roberts would advertise them like shampoos!

fCh said...

When posting the above comment, I saw the following Google ad:

Product Management Classes
Specializing in high-tech products. Over 30,000 satisfied alumni!

There is nothing wrong with Pragmatic, except that, in my experience, good PM's are a more a function of intellectual capacity and curiosity, of driving personality, rather than some specialization or another. In other words, make sure your candidate is damn smart and has a real interest in what you are doing. The rest is called experience!

Anonymous said...

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