Maps of Facebook ego-"universes"

Via Flickr:
"This was one of the earliest network maps I worked on in Q1 2008 -- rather solipsistically, it's a map of my own Facebook friends (with my own node removed, so that it pulls apart a little.) It attempted to map two degrees of separation; what you see here is my friends and their friends. I think I removed the pendants." [...]

Would you sign a blanc check, not knowing who or when is going to cash it? In effect, that's what people are doing when handing over all their stuff to Facebook.

I guess, the answer to the above would be YES, in case you discounted your future indefinitely to, well,  

( 0 + the_use_value_of socializing )

from now on

Don't think, live! You'll be richer in memories/happier.

After Heidegger/quantum mechanics, thinking has nowhere left to go.

Where fractals meet quantum mechanics

You also may be an entrepreneur

In many discussions I see the category "entrepreneur" being used to mean many a concept.  Usually, "entrepreneur" is employed in its heroic version, as defined by Schumpeter and usually associated in the common conversation with innovation, creativity, or those light-bulbs.  However, there is so much more to it, and we seem to have recurring types of entrepreneurs, depending on the time, place and state of the technology.  With these I mind, I'm citing here an excerpt from Peter Nijkamp's paper, Entrepreneurship in a modern network economy, summarizing the known types of entrepreneurs:

In their standard work on ‘The Entrepreneur’ Hebert and Link (1982) make the following typological classification of the ‘species’ of entrepreneur:
1. The entrepreneur is the person who assumes the risk associated with uncertainty (e.g. Cantillon, Von Thtinen, Mill, Hawley, Knight, Von Mises, Cole, Shackle)
2. The entrepreneur is the person who supplies financial capital (e.g. Smith, Bohm-Bawerk, Pigou, Von Mises)
3. The entrepreneur is an innovator (e.g. Bentham, Von Thtinen, Schmoller, Sombart, Weber, Schumpeter, Shakle)
4. The entrepreneur is a decision maker (e.g. Cantillon, Menger, Marshall, Wieser, Amasa Walker, Francis Walker, Keynes, Von Mises, Cole, Schultz)
5. The entrepreneur is an industrial leader (e.g. Say, Saint-Simon, Amasa Walker, Francis Walker, Marshall, Wieser, Sombart, Weber, Schumpeter)
6. The entrepreneur is a manager or superintendent (e.g. Say, Mill, Marshall, Menger)
7. The entrepreneur is an organiser and co-ordinator of economic resources (e.g. Say, Wieser, Sombart, Weber, Clark, Davenport, Schumpeter, Coase)
8. The entrepreneur is the owner of an enterprise (e.g. Quesnay, Wieser, Pigou, Hawley)
9. The entrepreneur is an employer of factors of production (e.g. Amasa Walker, Francis Walker, Wieser, Keynes)
10. The entrepreneur is a contractor (e.g. Bentham)
11. The entrepreneur is an ‘arbitrageur’ (e.g. Cantillon, Walras, Kirzner)
12. The entrepreneur is an allocator of resources among alternative uses (e.g. Cantillon, Schultz).
For more, google the names in the parentheses.  Is this all entrepreneurs can be?  For sure not, so think ahead, which is another way of saying, be entrepreneuring!   

I Am An Entrepreneur
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