SCRUM - Agile

Please, allow me to briefly (dis/at)tract your attention to the software/product development approach called "SCRUM." Yahoo and Google seem be be using it--at this time, within a limited scope.

My bias would be to say that: SCRUM makes sense when developing technologies that could be described as wide rather than deep. In other words, an ERP package won't fit the model...

According to FT, here is how Scrum works:
Scrum is a key element in the so-called Agile process revolution for software development.
The main principles are daily collaboration between business people and developers throughout the project, frequent delivery of working software and openness to frequent change of customers' requirements.
Scrum does this by creating a "product backlog" - a compilation of all the features the program needs, prioritized by the "product owner," who represents the interests of everyone with a stake in the project and results. The highest-priority items are taken for completion in a "sprint." These normally last a month and end with a 15-minute meeting where the scrum-master asks the same three questions of the team: what did you do since the last meeting; what are you doing until the next one; and what prevented you from doing more work.
The self managing aspect of Scrum also obliges team members to (learn how to) manage their own time.

What do you think:
  1. Would you personally enjoy such an environment?
  2. In what context and at what 'expense' could such a model be adopted?

For details, check out Jeff Sutherland's webpage

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