"New and Improved"

Consider the recent blow-up at Medtronic, which "[...] estimated that about 2.3 percent of patients with the Fidelis lead, or 4,000 to 5,000 people, would experience a lead fracture within 30 months of implantation. Those patients will require a delicate surgical procedure to replace the lead, experts said.

Replacing leads on a heart device like a defibrillator is considered by experts to be far more dangerous than replacing the device itself.

The Fidelis lead has been used with Medtronic defibrillators since 2004, and most patients who received Medtronic defibrillators since then have them.

Vice President Dick Cheney uses a Medtronic defibrillator, but it was implanted in 2001, before the Fidelis lead was introduced."

I think this is just one illustration of the "new and improved" drive for revenue. Grocery or home improvement shoppers know that stuff keeps "changing" all the time.

For more on the "new and improved" tactic to branding/product positioning, check out the discussion at LinkedIn Q&A.

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