When the world runs short of excuses

Attending a conference on entrepreneurship, there was a contest whose finalists included a team entrepreneuring a new idea for a dating website:  Dinner for 6.

This is obviously a great idea, and that's not because there are not already too many dating sites out there, but because it gives people a plausible excuse to get together about, and round, fundamentals.

In a world debased of meaning, where people go to great lengths as if to avoid addressing the fundamentals, we need a good pretext or alibi to reengage more than ever.  

Using her sickness as a pretext

Using her sickness as a pretext

Accession Number: 1990:755
Display Title: Using her sickness as a pretext
Suite Name: 
Media & Support: Opaque watercolor and gold on paper
Creation Date: ca. 1760
Creation Place/Subject: India
State-Province: Rajasthan
Court: Kishangarh
School: Rajasthani
Display Dimensions: 6 11/16 in. x 5 7/16 in. (16.99 cm x 13.81 cm)
Credit Line: Edwin Binney 3rd Collection
Label Copy:

There is much poetry devoted to the heroine sick with love. Here three women attend a reclining maiden. One, dark of skin, stoops to embrace the stricken lady, and the two lock gazes. Is it a love game, so often played by the gopis, where, in Krishnas absence, they pretend to be him? Has the dark-skinned girl been chosen to lighten the heart of the love-sick girl by pretending to be Krishna coming to the bedside of his beloved? """

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